As a result of the local presence of our offices and colleagues in Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India and Pakistan we are continuously involved at the complete production process. Because of this involvement in support and local checks we build on fundamental cooperations with the suppliers. We can offer a high quality and make sure that the production process will be smooth and efficient. Thanks to our knowledge, good cooperations and local inspections we can also offer short term delivery from above countries.




    The strength of Texsport is having our own staff on site at the production facilities, who are checking, monitoring, and controlling the process of the running orders on a daily basis. Each customer has their own quality standard and our team ensures that the complete production fulfills these requested quality requirements.

    Before being shipped out, every order is inspected by our local team. In addition to that we regularly test our running orders to ensure that they comply to the Restricted Substances List (RSL). The Restricted Substances List (RSL) applies restrictions for chemicals and substances which the final product is not allowed to contain. These tests are, in case also requested by client, conducted by Bureau Veritas and/or SGS.

    The physical and chemical test results are reviewed together with our product development team in the Netherlands ; In this manner we take our responsibility to produce goods which comply to the quality standards of our client and comply to the European law.